How to choose LED ceiling light for living room?


How to choose LED ceiling light for living room? When we choose a led ceiling light for living, we may not know how to choose the right product, what factors should we pay attention to.  Here is some tips for reference.

1. Color rendering index >80%  

The quality of color rendering directly affects the color of the object under the light. The lower the color rendering, the lower the color saturation, and it looks gray.  It is suggested that we choose the color index more than 80% of the ceiling lamp.  

2 the LED decay

LED light decay refers to the fact that the LED brightness will be lower than its original brightness after being lit for a period of time.  The EU standard is that LED lamps have 95% lumen after 6000 hours of use.  Low-quality LED lamps are only 60% as bright after hundreds of hours of use.  so choose qualified LED and lamps certainly can make it a long life pan.  


3. IP rate class  

Safety is also a top priority, generally in the bathroom and balcony and other places prone to water, so we need to choose IP44 rate light fixture.  In this way, we can avoid short circuit, light electrical damage,  or electric shock injury.  

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