How to choose LED panel light?


How to choose LED panel light? 

When we choose  a LED panel light not just look at the design, but also to be practical, after all, here 3 tips for your reference.

1, We need to first look at the panel light whether using heat sink, the speed of heat dissipation is related to the degree of light and darkness of the ceiling lamp and service life. We all know that if a long time in a high-temperature state, the  life span will soon be reduced, and the brightness of the ceiling lamp is not enough, there is no lighting role. LED panel light radiator program, the mainstream has a whole radiator way, there is a single lamp bead a cooling column way, there is an additional fan cooling way, etc.. And, the size of the radiator, the quality of aluminum will also affect the speed of heat dissipation, while indirectly affecting the price change.

2, Look at the lamp driver, the quality of the driver determines the service life of the led panel light, in general, the lamp beads used for more than 50,000 hours is no problem, but if the driver is broken, led panel light will not be used. driver within the use of electronic components, design solutions are related to the driver's The electronic components and design solutions used in the driver are related to the efficiency, power factor, stability and service life of the driver, which is very important. If you are not sure about this knowledge, you can make a preliminary judgement from the size and weight of the driver and consult the manufacturer about the electrolytic capacitors used. Another point of concern is that the price of LED panel light is closely related to the driver, and a good driver will make the price of LED panel light more expensive.

3, The LED quality to determine the LED panel light lighting effect, packaging technology affects the quality of lamp beads, heat dissipation and other key factors. There are many kinds of chips of lamp beads, the origin is countless, such as the United States, Taiwan, China, Japan and so on. The price difference between these brands is large and the lighting effect varies greatly. We can all find out some information about the beads by asking the manufacturer, but of course, this all depends on the integrity of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the price is particularly low for LED panel lights, many are made using some defective chips, in the use of time, we will find that the color temperature of these lights is inconsistent, poor brightness, short life, so, for this problem we must need to pay attention to.

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